Dienstag, 17. Juni 2014

Paris - City of Cheese, Wine and Absinthe


I spent last weekend in Paris, having a very nice chilled out holiday with my friend Claudia who lives back in the UK so most contact is usually through Skype. IRL is so much better :) I won’t put all my photos on here but I did wear me-made most of the time and we all know this is about the sewing.

Guys, it was HOT. I am a delicate Northern flower, so this was cause of much sunburn and hat buying. Naturellement, I whipped up a cool jersey maxi as soon as I saw the weather forecast. It’s a self-drafted pattern, something I have been toying with more since my pattern drafting course. I saw a Modcloth dress on Pinterest (ain’t that always the way) that used the stripes in both directions, which I liked, and this fabric has a good amount of 4-way stretch so it was a good bet. It worked out alright for a rush job and it’ll definitely get worn when the sun comes back to Berlin. The photos were taken in Pere Lachaise cemetery, where we went for a lovely if morbid stroll on the Sunday afternoon and visited Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. My inner goth was very happy there.


I got this watermelon skirt after seeing it on Million Dresses’ Wednesday Wants. See, internet? We don’t need magazines anymore. I accidentally bought the wrong size and didn’t have time before my flight to go and exchange it so I took it in crudely at the sides. That counts as a refashion, right? Or something? Upcycling? No, probably not. Either way, I really like it and it’s just the kind of ridiculousness I would make. I did wear another 2 me-made dresses for evenings out but we were too busy with the food/wine/absinthe to take any pictures.

Eating out with a gluten issue is always a bit of a pain but I remembered enough French from uni to explain everything and everyone was alright about it. THEN we went to Helmut Newcake in Rue Bichat on the Saturday for lunch…and a take-away bag of bread and cakes, ahem. Hands down, THE best gluten-free place I’ve been to, evah. I had a Caesar salad, which may not sound that exciting to normal people but I can’t normally have any dressings and obviously croutons are out. I’m still trying to figure out what their bread is made of, I think there’s coconut, corn and rice in there but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly unicorn tears, hopes and dreams. I found their site before we went and had already announced my intention to have an éclair but then I saw this double layered chocolate éclair nonsense and made it mine. So good that I bullied a girl at the counter into getting one as well. You’re welcome, stranger.

Anywho, that’s quite enough from me and my face. I absolutely loved Paris. For some reason, I thought it was going to be an over-rated let down. I think some people build it up so much that they’re gutted when it’s a little bit dirty around the edges. Maybe it’s because I was comparing it to Berlin or because we avoided the tourist hot spots but I thought it was amazing and I can see why people fall in love with it.

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

May Photo Dump

I know that May is the busiest blogging month for sewers buuuuut I had a pretty busy one so didn’t post once! FOR SHAME. I did however, keep up with my pledge (apart from the week I got sick and was wearing PJs the whole time). I won’t bore you with thousands of photos but here are a few snapshots.
The first week I exceeded my pledge and wore handmade every day, I think. Beginner’s enthusiasm.
Christine Haynes Sassy Librarian Blouse
Christine Haynes Sassy Librarian Blouse

It was my birthday on the 7th so I wore a polka dot dress I made a while ago to go to my favourite Mexican for some margheritas and I found out their nachos are gluten-free so I pretty much ate them like the Cookie Monster. NOM.
Look at my desk lovingly decorated by my team nawwwww. Flowers! They also got me the By Hand London Flora pattern AND a Craftsy course. SCORE.

Grumpy Cat gets me through the day

This maxi is made from the fabric from my first evah post, which is not saying much as this is my third post. So prolific. I love it and I’ll try and do a proper post on it soon because I had a slight mishap with the skirt being too tight at the bottom á la Mortisha Addams. Learn from my mistakes. Also in that second picture, I'm trying to flatten the poofyness caused by wearing my PJ bottoms under the dress coz my legs got cold.

Rosy Maxi Dress
Rosy Maxi Dress

The weekend of the 24th and 25th, I was on a pattern drafting course! I wore handmade each day, as was appropriate. We went through the basics of moulage and dart manipulation and made blocks for a bodice, skirt, trousers and a dress. We used a couple of different methods but I definitely had my preference as one of them dealt with my narrow shoulders better. Doing the technical stuff in German wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be and for the most part it was really easy to follow as the whole process is just quite logical. I met some very lovely ladies and we’re keeping in touch, yay sewing friends!

And this weekend, I wore my failed Elisalex dress, which ended up way too short and big in the bodice with a gaping back neckline. The pattern is lovely so it's definitely worth putting some work into the fit, and the fabric on this version is really nice so I blatantly wear it anyway, weird frumpy waistline or no. That's what belts are for, am I right? Anyway, I got the fabric FOR FREESIES from one of my favourite stalls at the fabric market in Neukölln so I didn't mind using it for a wearable toile. We went on an adventure in Rummelsburg because Daf had left his stupid phone at his rehearsal room so I went along to explore somewhere I haven't been before. It was all disused factory buildings and bits of woodland leading onto the river, very nice on such a sunny day. Everything in Berlin is a disused this or a derelict that.

Floral Elisalex
Floral Elisalex

So that was my whole month of May! It makes my life look so much more interesting when I ram a whole month into one post. I'm off to Paris to meet up with my friend on Friday so let's hope I have some fabric to show you upon my return!

Also, if you sat through this post, you get a picture of Lily looking derpy. Derp.