Sonntag, 27. April 2014

Me made May

We're back! We had a whirlwind trip around the UK over Easter and I'm now realising it's getting very close to Me Made May! I really want to take part this year but I'm going to have to get sewing if I'm going to keep it up.

I went to a wedding when I was home and was still tacking the lining on my dress and sewing the cuff on my other half's shirt 5 minutes before heading out the door :/ After that bit of panic sewing, I'll make sure I do something nice and simple to ease myself back in! Here's a sneak peek of the dress but I'll be doing a pattern review on it too coz it was bloody weird to put together.

Sewing a party dress and a man's shirt for the wedding along with going on a hectic tour of Wales, Cumbria and Manchester meant that I missed out on Sew Dolly Clacket! I had some fabric picked out and everything so I'm blatantly just going to make it anyway. Any excuse for a new dress, eh?

Anyway right now I'm working on a variation of the button back blouse from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing in some heart print cotton but I've changed the neckline to a V and I'd like to add a sort of neck tie type thing but I haven't got round to drafting a new facing yet. I also meant to add some length like I did on my last version but forgot... Oops. I'll just have to make a high waisted skirt to go with it, what a shame!

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