Dienstag, 18. August 2015

More of the same - this time with 100% more polka dots!


After the success of my gingham sundress, I cut out another version in polka dot voile pretty much straight away. This time I paid a bit more attention and did a self-lined bodice and added some pockets at the front waist seam. I also decided to make it a maxi dress this time, mainly based on the fact that I had the right amount of fabric. The amount of fabric I have is generally behind most of my dressmaking decisions. I actually made it about 3 inches too long somehow so it got a bit dirty in the park. It did feel nice and swooshy though.

I wore this on Saturday, when we went for a bit of an adventure. Dafydd had bought an amp from some guy on ebay, who was going to play at the park stage in deepest, darkest East Berlin so we hired a van and went to meet this guy. It was the most German experience ever. They somehow managed to make a gig bureaucratic - you had to queue at one door to get your ticket, then go and join the other queue to get in. Then you had to queue at the Taler stand to exchange your money for plastic chips before you could buy a drink. Then you could queue at the drinks stand. Anyway, we saw the guy's band, loaded the amp into the van and went back to watch a German all-girl ACDC tribute band, which was suitably hilarious. The forest setting made it a bit surrreal but it was fun.

These pictures turned out a bit blurry but if I don't blog about this now, there is a very low likelihood of me ever remembering to take more pictures of this dress again. So, you know, here it is.

Pretty proud of these pockets actually.

I promise I will have a different dress to show you next time!


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